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New Upcoming NFT Projects to buy in 2022

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NFT, also known as Non-Fundable Token, has given new life to artists and designers worldwide. They can now upload their creative arts on the blockchain and experience exponential revenue growth. In addition, there are many popular NFT collections like Beeple’s Crossroad, CryptoPunk, Beeple’s HUMAN ONE, Clock, and so on.

2022 should be a busy year for NFT fans. This year we will encounter the release of New Upcoming NFT Projects. So if you think it’s too late to enter the NFT world, here is a chance for you to buy new NFT projects coming out this year and enjoy the NFT Game.

List of New Upcoming NFT Projects

NFT Space is enormous; we have gathered information on the best new NFT projects. This article section includes the list of NFTs you can buy in 2022.


The first NFT Project on our list of new Upcoming NFT Projects is Dribblie. Dribblie is a Football manager NFT game that rewards you with NFTs. You can gather players from different galaxies and contend with the greatest competitors.

Dribblie is a game that offers play-to-earn, which lets you control your digital football team. As a player, your primary aim should be to gather a good squad of players and improve their abilities.

New Upcoming NFT Projects to buy in 2022 - Dribblie

The main factor differentiating it from other football games is the economic function that uses blockchain technology.

More Information:

the littles

the littles is the next NFT project on our list. This project seems a bit different because of its manifesto or roadmap. The NFT Project is a utility token that claims to provide fun and bring out our inner child. The uniqueness might be the factor that can provide tremendous growth to the holders.

the littles will start it pre-sale from Nov 26, 2022, 1:00 UTC and will officially be public from Nov 27, 2022, 1:00. This NFT project is a new NFT project to mint in 2022.

Crypto Doctors

Crypto Doctors is an NFT project that is dedicated to doctors. Doctors are the individuals who save us, cure us, and help bring new life into this world. This project is a collection of 2000 uniquely hand-drawn NFTs stored on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens.

The visionary roadmap of Crypto Doctors is fantastic. They promise to list their NFT token in rarity tools, giveaway of 3 Crypto Doctors when 30% sold out, and Launch merch for Crypto Doctors holders.

Tycoon Tigers Club

Who doesn’t love tigers? Tycoon Tigers Club is a collection of Tiger Arts with customized skins. Tycoon Tigers will be backed up by business deals dedicated to the metaverse. Tycoon Tigers Club is most awaited new Upcoming NFT Projects.

Tycoon TigeThis NFT Project focuses on saving tigers. They believe in preserving nature and protecting wild tigers. The founders also claim to donate 5% of the revenue generated to save the tigers.

MekaRim NFT

MekaRim NFT is the next NFT Project on our list of new Upcoming NFT Projects with creations that look futuristic. However, the concept of Meka seems imaginary as it represents cyborgs that were created in order to defend humanity.

Although the concept of Meka looks unrealistic, their roadmap for the future is appealing. They plan to mint JAGERS in Q3 2022, MEKA Ships Airdrop and mint in Q4 2022, community merch store, etc.

Where to find new NFT projects?

NFT is a trending topic right now. There is a new NFT project coming every day. You can find different sources to get news on NFT projects. Here are some websites that will be a help in finding new NFT projects:

Final Thoughts

We hope you love our list of New Upcoming NFT Projects. These projects are launching in 2022, so don’t lose this opportunity to get into the NFT world. If you want us to write a blog on new NFT projects to mint, just comment below.

We have a dedicated article on this for the users who wish to learn How you can create an NFT.

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