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What is Metaverse & NFT ?

What is Metaverse

Metaverse is the term made from two words meta+verse where the word meta means beyond
and verse is the word derived from universe which as a whole makes the sense as beyond the
universe. This is the virtual world or the virtual universe which can be experienced exactly at the
same time and endlessly by effective unlimited number of users with an indivisual sense of
presence. Virtual means which is not seen in our real or day to day life which can only be seen
at the computer and mobile phones. As an example we can take the meeting we attended by
joining through computers or mobile phones which is called virtual meeting where as class
taken is called virtual class. Similarly the metaverse is known as something called virtual
universe which doesnot have any physical or real existance which can only be seen in our mbl
phones screen or computer screen.


Metaverse has become a very hot topic these days .Everyone is talking about it. Though the
term metaverse is not new but since the facebook company has changed its name to meta
people have become more curious about it.


Recently on october 28 2021 facebook rebranded its companies name to meta which is the
most curious part to people about meta. Now this really doesn’t really mean that facebook is no
more instead it’s companie’s name is changed to meta in other words we can say the parent
company of the apps under facbook like facebook, whatsapp , instagram is now meta. Just as
the parent company of google is alphabet.


The word metaverse is not new neither it’s concept is new as in 1992 a person named
Stephenson in his novel Snow Crash mentioned it . Few years back these concept of metaverse
were just possible in novel and movies only but it was beyond our imagination to be implimented
in our real life. Metaverse can also be defined as the simulated digital environment that uses
Augmented Reality(AR) , Virtual Reality (VR) and blockchain, along with concept from social
media, to create spaces. since, few year’s back as the world is working on the concept of
blockchain, augumented reality concept the concept of metaverse doesnot seem to be
impossible. So, these days biger companies like meta, microsoft have start to invest in


Metaverse is importantly a merging of virtual, augmented, and physical reality decreasing or
shortening the line between them. In metaverse we can create and explore with other people
who are not in the same physical space as you. let’s take an example of a virtual game pubg. As
in this game at first you create an avatar of yourself’s and your friend create of themselves you
buy costumes of veraties of designs for yourself . Now with that avatar you play ,dance ,fight,
exchange weapons those avatars are real people who plays the game using mobile phones
through internet or we can say they are real people on virtual platform that’s what is the concept
of metaverse and metaverse is that which makes us feel which makes us feel real as if we are
into the game.
Thus we can say that’s concept is to connect our real world with the virtual world so that world
wont feel virtual it gives us captivating feeling of real world as we can’t just see the internet now

we can feel the internet.
So, basically visualization of the world of meta is as like this only you create your own 3D avatar
and you can go through different platfrorms throgh that avatar you can walk through it you can
go through your home across it , you can concert using your own 3D avatar which looks exactly
like you do. All in all we can live our fantasies here.
It can create drastic change through teleportation now we are not limited to see the pdfs and
youtube tutorials now we can feel and go through it. we can actually relieve the history, learning
process is not just limited in books now we can explore it. Metaverse will definately change our
way of living, learning , working and even entertaining . It will create new oppurtunity and jobs.
Metaverse will create new economy.


Now meta has developed a space called horizon market place where you can trade digital
goods and services. Here Metaverse participants are able to enggage in decentralized virtual
economics powered by CRYPTOCURRENCY . This includes market places where users can
buy, sell and exchange items like digital assets like avatars, virtual cloathing NFTs and even
tickets. Some few options for making money in metaverse are listed below:

  • Online partying and concert participation
  • Online shopping
  • Open art gallery
  • Become real-estate dealer of selected properties or top properties
  • conducting ecommerce business on metaverse and deliver it to real world

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